These are the tips to store our regular items, so that stays fresh longer..Some are from buzzfeed and others around the net which I found useful..I'm following these for some 2 years now and found working..

I always search for the smallest lettuce in the grocery store..But can't find it all times..We do eat lettuce, but we can't finish off a big head of lettuce in 1 week...So saw this trick in buzzfeed and started following..It's really superb..The lettuce in picture is nearly 3 weeks old...It's stays fresh and crunchy..So wrap it in aluminium foil to enjoy crispy lettuce...

Store cilantro as you would store flowers, but inside fridge..Trim off an inch of stems in bottom and keep in a glass of water, so that stem ends touch water...Stays fresh for 2 weeks..Sometimes even it grows...No need to handle or seperate the brown leaves and stems here after...

Wrap mint in kitchen towel and keep inside a plastic cover...Stays fresh upto 2 to 3 weeks...Same here, no need to handle brown bits..

Green chilli:
Remove stems of green chilli and store in container to extend the life of green chillies..You can even freeze green chillies for long time usage in ziplock bags..

Green Onion:
Cut as small bits and freeze for long time use...or wrap in aluminium foil for 2 to 3 weeks usage..I've done both..Both ways are working well...

Remove skin and cut ginger as rings...Freeze them...When needed using a grater/zester, grate it and use..easy to grate when frozen...

Keep the coconut in upright position in a corner as far as possible, with the eyes of coconut on top...This way it stays fresh longer and don't get spoiled...

Overripe bananas are a real problem...To prevent that from happening to some extent, we can wrap the ends in foil or plastic wrap...Also separating the bananas works well..

To ripen raw mangoes, put them inside the rice bag/ tin...It's commonly done in south india(many of u may know this already...just for someone like me)...

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