Monday, October 26, 2015

Carrot Basundi

Basundi is one of the which we make often in my mom's home, but haven't done it after marriage for long time...While watching a tv advertisement ,my hubby asked me what is that basundi sweet..then only it striked to me that I haven't prepared it after marriage even once..So made it today for him...I saw this carrot basundi recipe in a cookbook and folowed it and it came out awesome..We all liked it..I'm preparing this for BM#57 under desserts..I'm sure you guys will also like it..Do give a try this festive season and enjoy...


Carrot2 medium
Milk2 cup
Sugar1/2 cup
Rice flour1 tblsp
Mixed nutsas needed

Heat the milk and let it come to a boil...Coarsely ground the desired amount of nuts..

Heat little ghee in a small pan and saute the shredded carrot till it becomes pale in colour...Add it to the boiled milk and mix well..

Let the milk boil in simmer till the milk reduces to half the quantitiy...Mix rice flour in little room temperature milk  without any lumps...

Add rice flour mixture to the basundi little by little little and mix well..Cook till the basundi comes to a semi solid state...

Add the coarsely ground nuts and mix..Reserve some nuts for garnish ...Pour  it in cups and refrigerate..Serve chilled or warm as you wish..tastes best when chilled...


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  1. Love this creamy and delicious dessert. Adding carrot sounds yummy!!

  2. One of my favorites, so rich and creamy. Adding carrots is a nice variation.

  3. Very delicious. Addition of carrots sounds interesting.

  4. I bet the addition of carrot makes the creamy and rich basundi more yummier.

  5. Delicious rich creamy basundhi...very nice:)

  6. Who can resist to this beautiful looking basundi, lipsmacking here.

  7. Yummy basundi!! Love the addition of carrots!!

  8. Yummy basundhi!! Love the healthy twist with carrots!!

  9. this dessert looks fabulous - would love some right now

  10. A different & healthy version of basundi.............must try.
    Happy Diwali to you.

  11. Expecting your next post.

  12. Such a delightful dessert!...making it with carrot makes this so healthy as well