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Arisiparuppu sadam - Guest post from Suja Ramkumar

Hey...My blog's first guest post..that too from my dear friend Suja Ramkumar, author of Suja's Culinary Corner...I'm so happy and excited...she always surprises me with her innovative recipes..and  different combos...and her recipes generally have a healthy perspective too..also she's soo sweet and helpful..gave me lots of tips  about blogging too..Now, she has started working and yet wrote this guest post for me, in spite her busy schedule...Feeling so honoured dear..I feel blessed that I got  a good friend like you through blogging..and you inspire me as always with this recipe ...

Let us all know a bit more about Suja..Come join me..

1.Hobbies/ Interests other than cooking

I love trekking, travelling and exploring places

2.One cuisine other than Indian you like most

I love Italian apart from Indian and I have posted one or two recipes..I cook a lot in Italian,yet to post more recipes..

3.One mom/ grandmom's  family traditional dish you like

My mom's Coriander Small onion porichakootu and Inji Thogayal..Then Kathirikai Pitlai..

4.any cooking tips/ storage tips

Storing coriander leaves in stainless steel container in fridge, keeps them fresh for longer..

5.Any idea to use leftovers..Linkup any recipe you posted

I have made Idli maavu Sago Bonda, using leftover/sour idli, dosa batter..

and Coriander Rice using leftover green chutney made for sandwich

6.One tip to make kids eat

Kids are always fuzzy about food and my son is definitely one among them..I try to add healthy ingredients in the foods they like..for eg: sandwich,Tikkis,Patties, Vadais etc..
Falafel, Colourful /mini Uthappam,Veg Bread Omelette

7.Few words about blogging/ tips to increase popularity of blog

I am relatively new to blogging but consistent in posting recipes and innovativeness definitely helps..But one must also network a lot and connect with blogger friends..

8.One Signature recipe of yours, that family and friends like

Beetroot Vada...and will post that soon..

Good to know about you dear..So now to Suja..

Ever since I started blogging I wanted to invite a friend to do a guest post for my blog and now I am honoured and extremely happy to do it for my friend Praba Bubesh.She is a very enthusiastic and cheerful person with loads of creativity.She is a great motivator and encourages me in every step of my blogging journey..So here goes my guest post for Praba..Arisiyum Paruppu Sadham using avarai paruppu,a typical kongunadu specialty..

Hailing from Coimbatore one cannot say they haven't tasted Arisiyum Paruppu Sadham..It is a very delicious and yummy one pot meal, packed with protein and carbohydrates to keep you going for the day..More than that it is super easy to make an ideal lunch box recipe..Usually they make it with rice and toor dal but I tried it with avarai paruppu and the outcome was a delectable and flavorful rice.It tastes best when served hot with ghee and potato curry.

Preparation Time:30 mins


Rice-1 cup
Avarai Parupu/Val dhal-1/4 cup
Finely chopped small onions-10 to 12 nos.
Finely chopped tomato-1
Chilli powder-1 tsp
Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
Salt-to taste
Hing/Asafoetida-1/2 tsp
Oil-2 tbsp
Ghee-1 tbsp for garnish

To temper:

Mustard seeds-1 tsp
Jeera or Cumin seeds-1 tsp
Red chillies-2
Curry leaves-few

1.Wash and soak the rice and dal in 3 cups of water for 30 mins..Heat the cooker and add oil and the ingredients given for tempering..

2.Once the mustard and cumin splutters add the chopped onion followed by turmeric powder and salt.
3.Once the onions are sauteed well add the tomatoes and chilli powder and fry till the tomatoes are done well.then add crushed garlic to it.

4.Immediately add the rice dal mixture along with water in which it is soaked in and close the cooker lid..Let it cook for 2 whistles. Arisiyum Paruppu Sadam is ready.Serve hot with a spoon of ghee on top along with potato curry and papad.


*If you don't have val dal or avariparuppu then use toor dal instead.In the case reduce the soaking time.
*The main flavor and taste comes from small onions so don't avoid it or use big onions.
*Don't saute garlic.Crush them and add it raw at hte end before adding rice.

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