Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Thattaipayaru Suraikaai Kuzhambu / Red chori and Dudhi Gravy

This thattai payaru and Suraikaai kuzhambu is a delish from my grandma's..This is my mom's favorite from my grandma's samayal.We usually prepare any of the payaru variety kuzhambu on Thursdays like black sundal kuzhambu, avarai/mochai kuzhambu,this gravy,pachai pattani kuzhambu,rajma masala,Thuvarai kuzhambu or butter beans masala(when they are available fresh in the season)...Will post these gravies soon one by one..This combo tastes so awesome..You can prepare the same without suraikaai too..But this combo is a hit in our households..While using suraikaai, don't add much water as the veggie itself oozes out a lot of water..Do give a try and you will enjoy for sure..

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu

Chettinad chicken curry is a famous chicken gravy from south indian cuisine all over the world...I saw this recipe in a cookbook which my MIL gave me..I slightly changed the recipe to prepare it easily..and it came out awesome..Do try and enjoy..

Saamai Sambar Sadham / Little millet Sambar Sadham

Sambar sadham, I usually prepare when I prepare lunch for just me and my boy...It will be easy for me to prepare and at same time healthy for him to eat too...Little millet cooks even faster than our normal rice...It tastes so good as sambar sadham...We can have it to our heart's content, since it's easily digestible than rice..So perfect for small kids too..I'm preparing this recipe under guilt free indulgence for Blogging Marathon #53 hosted by srivalli...

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is my favorite in restaurant menus..wanted to make that in home too..and achieved the smooth creamy texture as we get in restaurants..adding cream does the magic I think..If you are health conscious you can omit that,but I can't assure about the texture..Once in a while it's ok I think..We had it with naan..tastes soo delicious...Goes well with chapathi, pulavs too...Do try and enjoy this creamy goodness...

Oats,Kodo Millet and Mango Crinkle Cookies / Varagu Mambazha Cookies

 I have baked cookies before, but this is my first venture in baking with fruits...and with my favorite fruit mango, I tried these crinkle cookies...I have already posted saamai biscuits...This time I combined varagu(kodo millet) with oats to make it little more healthier...Also I used a ripe sweet mango..So added only 2 to 3 tblsp of sugar only...Can omit sugar too and diabetic people can enjoy that way...The flavor is so good and all of us liked it a lot...especially my little one..I.m posting this as my second recipe under guilt free indulgence for BM#53...also sending this to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Baked Aloo Bonda / Baked Urulaikilangu Bonda / Baked Batata vada

Evening snacks are so good, especially when they are made with potato...With hot masala tea,crispy aloo bondas, who can say no to that...I had some leftover poori masala and I prepared/baked this aloo bonda..To our surprise it was so crispy and good...and also with very little oil compared to frying..Using a sprayer to spray oil evenly on bondas really help a lot...I baked this in my little toaster oven,but surely can prepare in big oven too...Since I used leftover masala, I didn't wanted to use the big oven...Do try this way, and you need not have guilt about eating snacks...And I'm preparing this for BM#53, week 4 under guilt free indulgence...

Green Chicken Gravy

Green chicken gravy is one of my recent trial in my kitchen, which is very aromatic and delicious...I have prepared it a few times now and everytime it came out nice...Once the marination part is done, there is very less work..So it will be helpful while cooking many dishes for guests/ party...Also there will not be any compromise in taste...I served it with parotas...goes well with chapathis,naan and pulavs too...Do try and enjoy...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bengali Chicken Rezala

Bengali Chicken Rezala is a new recipe which I tried and became a huge hit in our home..This is a rich and creamy gravy, which tastes soo delicious..We had it with chapathis, but goes well with naan,pulavs and rice too..I referred vahchef's recipe and changed slightly to our taste..Here's a hearty chicken gravy for the celebration of your taste buds..

Monday, June 22, 2015

Thai Yellow Chicken Curry

Thai yellow chicken curry is a thing which I wanted to try for long time...It really suits our Indian tastebuds...I saw this recipe here and wanted to try immediately...I have changed it a little bit to suit our taste..One time even I tried it with lemon grass substitute..It is so creamy, luscious and a mild taste which is very soothing...And needless to say it's very bright and refreshing too..You can add potatoes too with chicken as in the original recipe...must be more delicious..Vegetarians can try just with potatoes too...Do try and enjoy this creamy delish...

Friday, June 19, 2015

Panakam / Panak

Panakam/Panak  is a traditional indian drink which is very aromatic and refreshing...In our hometown, people give this drink for free during aani ther thiruvizha(car festival) and on chitra pournami day during the chitra gupta kadha festival...On chitra pournami night,chitragupta's story will be read night long by elders in the street and according to the events in the story, so many snacks, drinks and sundals will be distributed to all..(starting with jaggery when he's born for example) and towards end panakam and mor will be given...It tastes soo delicious and fresh...Give it a  try and enjoy..

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Canteloupe Carrot Juice

Canteloupe has become my favorite next to mangoes now a days...It combines so well with carrot, both in color as well as in taste..Both has a subtle sweetness innate in themselves...No need to add much honey/sugar...They taste great as such..Try this healthy, yummy and cool looking juice..You will like it for sure..I'm sending this to Kids delight event hosted by Harini...Try out and enjoy..

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Honeydew Basil Lime Juice

Honeydew is one of my favorite fruits...With lime and basil touch, this juice tastes soo refreshing...Also needless to say, it's a very healthy juice...Instead of making plain fruit juices, trying combos like this make these juices very intersting...Mint and honeydew is a regular combo..So tried this time with basil...perfect to beat summer heat...I'm sending this to Kids delight event hosted by Harini...Try out and enjoy..

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Masala Mor / Spicy Yogurt drink

Mor is very common drink in south indian household...In olden days, even if strangers ask for water,they will give this mor only(in summer time only)...This is our home style of preparing mor...You can either blend the ingredients with yogurt or cut the ingredients into very small pieces and add to yogurt...Both ways it tastes great...Enjoy summer with this yummy masala mor..

Garlic Chutney

Garlic is the best medicine to reduce cholesterol, as u all know..The health benefits of garlic are so many..This garlic chutney can be prepared very fast and it can kill your fat...Also it's very aromatic and tastes delicious...Adjust spice level according to your taste...Start your day healthy with garlic chutney for breakfast...Stay blessed...

Monday, June 15, 2015

Pineapple Juice

Summer started late here this year...But that doesn't definitely mean less heat...To beat the heat try out this pineapple juice with lime and a pinch of ginger...tastes soo delicious...The pineapple I got has become overripe and so very sweet...So I didn't add any sugar...You can add if you want...Try out and enjoy...

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Meen Kuzhambu / Fish Curry (south indian style)

This is our home style of making fish curry...My MIL taught me this recipe and it's just awesome...I prepared this in earthen pot , as she would make...I tasted this fish curry made by her when I was in India and it was soo perfect...Tastes even better the next day...Since my mom is vegetarian, we don't make this often in our home...So I enjoyed it a lot there...So here's the recipe of the yummiest fish curry I've ever eaten...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Peerkangai Thol Thogayal / Ridge gourd skin Chutney/ Peerkangai Thol Chutney

Peerkangai Thol thuvayal / chutney is a chutney we started to prepare, when there were lots of ridge gourds growing in our backyard, since we know for sure there are no insecticides or pesticides in the skin of the veggie...and they tasted great...Many prepare using urad dal only or channa dal only...but we like this combo of toor dal and urad dal better...very healthy way to include fiber in diet.. and taste wise also no compromise..It tastes awesome...Do try and you will surely like it...

Friday, June 12, 2015

Coconut Flower Buns

Coconut buns are our family's favorite..These buns are simple to make with  less ingredients and can prepared in a jiffy...we can make them as round buns too...For a change I've tried making shapes...looks cute right...I saw this technique in a video long back..forgot where I saw it...It's from a bakery video i think...will sure link them back once I get it right...I'm sending these flower buns to blogging marathon #53 by srivalli under 3 ingredient dish for week 2...She told that we can rule out sugar, salt and oil in count...So here comes the 3 ingredient coconut flower buns...Try out and enjoy...

Banana Brownsugar Sorbet

Got overripe bananas...You shouldn't necessarily make banana bread again...Do little work than making a cake and make a healthy, yummy frozen dessert...Banana Brownsugar Sorbet is a simple to make and a very tasty sorbet...With a hint of cinnamom and cardamom, brown sugar gives a little earthy feel to the sorbet...Enjoy summer with these healthy desserts..

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Canteloupe Sorbet

Canteloupe Sorbet is the my personal favorite among the 5 sorbets i'm posting...I didn't want to corrupt it's pure taste with any addition...So this is a simple sorbet containing only the fruit...Do try this simple piece of heaven and enjoy...

Ulunthu Kali / south indian Kali with urad dal and rice

Ulunthan kali is a common food in our homes...When girls reach puberty, they usually prepare this kali continuously atleast for a month daily...and with  gingely oil on top...it smells divine...and it's very healthy for girls and women...It's very easy to prepare with just 3 ingredients and can be prepared in 10 minutes...will be helpful for busy moms in the morning...also without guilt, we can consume...My little one likes it so much....easy to feed even infants...try this healthy recipe and enjoy...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Honeydew melon Sorbet

Honeydew melon...They have named it very optly...When I first tasted this fruit,I think like this only..It really tastes like the dew on flowers+honey...so fresh taste...with a hint of mint as sorbet, it tastes excellent...A perfect treat for this scorching summer...There are lots of melons now in market....Don't miss the chance to taste this yummy fruit this summer...or buy a lot and freeze as sorbet like this and enjoy whole year....Do try and stay hydrated...

Coconut macroons

Coconut macroons are our family's favorite type of macroons...Crunchy on outside...soft and chewy on inside...I baked these for the first valentine's day after our marriage for my husband...and he liked it a lot...Last time,I dipped the bottom in little bit melted chocolate to add on the deliciousness...and when I baked these. our home filled with the aroma of toasted coconut and it is so awesome...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Triple Coconut Sorbet

Coconut sorbet is a very refreshing sorbet...It has coconut in three forms viz...coconut milk, coconut water and coconut flakes...You can do the same with tender coconut too...It will be still more rich and give fresh taste...I saw this recipe here and tried...We all liked it a lot...Do try and escape from summer heat...

Monday, June 8, 2015

Mango Pineapple Sorbet

Mango is my favorite fruit of all times...Mango and pineapple goes very well as a dessert...This is my first post on sorbets...I got attracted to these desserts,since they have far less fat than the ice creams, but can satisfy our appetite as good as ice creams..

Friday, June 5, 2015

17 Chutney Recipes

Hi all...

          Everyday morning I woke up with a question of what to prepare today...Idli/ dosa batter will always be there in the fridge..but what chutney to prepare...here's a list of 16 chutneys to select from...this is really a helpful collection for myself...Do try  and enjoy stress free mornings...

Coconut Chutney / Thengai Chutney

Coconut chutney is the easiest of all chutneys and the most prepared one in homes...It always comes as a quick fix with most of the south indian dishes...Adding a bit of garlic and ginger increases its aroma and makes it little more healthy too...

Porikadalai Chutney / Roasted Gram dal Chutney

Fried gram dal chutney here I post is very similar to my earlier post channa dal chutney....It tasted equally good as that and can be prepared in a jiffy...Adjust spice level according to your taste...Do try and enjoy this tasty chutney...

Onion Tomato Chutney/ Thakkali Vengaya Chutney / Kara chutney

Spicy Kara Chutney with tomato and onion is a regular one in south indian household...Here's our home style of preparing this chutney...Goes well with idli, dosa excellently...

Sesame Ladoo/ Ellu Urundai

Ellu / Sesame seeds are a gift to the mankind...It helps reduce bad cholesterol(LDL) and helps to increase good cholesterol(HDL)...Also 100 grams of sesame seed contain 97 micro gram of folic acid(moms know their importance)..It has dietary fiber with  potential anti cancer properties...Also a very yum taste and aroma too...To get rid of the sin of posting ladoos all this week(sorry for tempting,if I had done that), I'm posting these healthy ladoos here...These are also equally yum filled balls.... Do try these healthy little balls and stay blessed...

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Motichoor Ladoo ( using coffee filter)

Motichoor Ladoos...These fascinate me at all times....I wasn't able to find the ladle for making these small boondis...so while trying with different things, the coffee filter worked...

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pistachio Coconut Ladoo

Pistachio Coconut ladoo is a simple yet yummy ladoo with just 3 ingredients...You can make this within 5 minutes...I used sweetened condensed milk...Instead you can use powdered sugar and a tblsp of milk powder too...Both ways it tastes good...Try this green ladoo for a change in taste and you will like it for sure...

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rava Ladoo / sooji Ladoo

Rava ladoo is my favourite during my school days...It we need to prepare anything for prasadam/ neivediyam quickly, we usually prepare this rava ladoo...This recipe has also very less ingredients, but no need to compromise in taste...Do try this yummy little snack and enjoy...

Monday, June 1, 2015

June month recipes- Color code

Hi all...

           From this week onwards, I'm gonna follow a color code for the recipes I post...This week I'm gonna post 5 color ladoos...Similarly in the upcoming weeks of this month I'm gonna follow this color theme...I will update this page too as I post...So for this week...

Boondi Ladoo

Boondi Ladoo...I didn't know even we can make laddu at home before I met my neighbour Annapoorani ma... we tasted it in their home and it was sooo good....Never tasted home made ladoos before...So I asked her for the recipe and I have seen her making these too...Last Diwali, when she prepared, she called me to see...After that I too prepared it for diwali potluck...She makes it with so much ease...We have to keep everything ready before staring...First prepare the syrup and keep  aside....while preparing syrup we can heat oil also side by side...Prepare the batter and start when oil is hot...Try it and you will definitely like taste of home made ladoos...