Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hyderabad Mutton Dum Biriyani /Mutton Recipes /Rice Recipes

Hyderabadi style mutton dum biriyani..I have tasted this in hotels..but haven't tried in home..but i found this recipe quiet easier...sure it takes lot of time than the usual biriyani...but not much work as the usual biriyani's...just we have to plan head and marinate things..and have to wait a bit more time..but it's surely worth the wait...

Fruit Cake

Fruit cake is my mom's favourite type of cake...I have made it a couple of times...every time with the ingredients i have at hand at that time without egg(for mom) added a banana instead of egg...every time it came out good..This is Alton Brown's recipe..You can find it here...You can add
the dried blueberries, raspberries,almonds, walnuts,currants,etc...All the ingredients here are healthy too..apricots are excellent source of iron other than dates...and we add ginger,dry ginger, cloves and cinnamon too...You can try with brown sugar will become still more healthy ..Do try and enjoy christmas...Happy christmas everyone...enjoy...

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hot hot jalebi's...this is the best sweet i have eaten until now..(honestly)...crispy outside...warm and juicy inside..this is the best thing..please do try once...(Yan petra inbam peruga iv vaiyagam..)...and you guys will fall in love love with it..(just like me)...I have made this for everyone who are very  dear to me..I just saw these ingredients from back of MTR jalebi mix and tried(guessed some)...Give your hand some exercise with these and it's worth the try...enjoy...

Friday, December 19, 2014

Hi again..

Hi all,
          I am back here after a verrrrrry long gap...i even thought about leaving this blog and blocked it for some time...I went to india in June and came back in september...Poor me thought, i would be able to blog from india too...I thought i would be having lot of time there,since someone will always

Simple bread (without egg)

I wanted to try baking bread at home, since my started eating them...At least we know what's in that, when we prepare at home...After we tasted it,it really worth the try for us too..Freshly baked bread, i have never eaten before...It has a such a smell and taste..and so soft...Also i made panini with the freshly baked was wonderful..The ingredients and process of this recipe is very simple...Do try this and you will find the difference...

Microwave Mysorepak

Mysore pak is a favourite sweet of our family..we prefer soft type than the porous type the krishna sweets one..I saw this recipe here and its so yummy...and the aroma fills the whole house...Do give a try and you will never regret for that...