Friday, August 28, 2015

Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste

Ginger garlic paste is a very essential thing in Indian cooking...When the paste is readily available in fridge, we can prepare so many recipes very quickly..But to find a ginger garlic paste of good quality is a difficult task in market...Even I found a paste without any chemical smell, it's not available most of the times now a days...So started making it in home and fell in love with the home made taste..The flavor of the dishes really improved a lot using this paste..Also it's very simple to prepare and keeps good in refrigerator for more than 2 months..

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Home style Rasam

Our home style of preparing rasam...Very aromatic and flavorful rasam, which will be very satisfying..Adjust spice level according to your taste..We usually grind the curry leaves along with other ingredients, which can be added in tempering too..Do give a try and enjoy this flavorful rasam..

Kadalai Paruppu Sundal / Channa dal Sundal

Kadalai paruppu Sundal / channa dal sundal is one among the sundal varieties we prepare often,since there's no need to soak the dal ahead...very simple to prepare yet tasty sundal..Do try and enjoy this healthy snack..

Peanut Sundal / Verkadalai Sundal

Peanut Sundal is one of my favorite among the sundals...Peanut is very rich in protein and nutrients..Also it's a very filling and healthy evening snack...Easy to prepare too..Do give a try and enjoy..

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thuvaram Paruppu Thogayal / Toor dal Thogayal

Thuvaram paruppu Thogayal and rasam with rice is one of the comfort foods in our homes..So easy to prepare yet so satisfying meal it is..I enjoy eating these even when I'm running fever...You can add more red chillies i fyou like it spicy...I usually don't add more than 2, since my kiddo will not eat...Do try this easy thogayal and enjoy..

Thakkali Rasam / Tomato Rasam

Tomato rasam / Thakkali rasam is one of the rasams we prepare often in our homes..I used MTR rasam powder in this recipe here..It also gives a beautiful color to this toamto rasam...Homemade rasam powders will also do fine...Do give a try to our home style of thakkali rasam and enjoy..

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Kondai Kadalai Sundal / Black Channa Sundal

Kondai kadalai sundal is one of the healthy and tasty evening snack, which is also very easy to prepare..It's good for lunch box too, but with little less coconut..I usually grind the red chilies with coconut..If you want you can add during tempering and skip while grinding..But this way it's more flavorful and tasty...Snacks for kids, which are healthy is a tough combo...But I'm trying to feed these things to my boy and got a little give a try and enjoy..

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lemon Rasam

Lemon rasam is one of the easiest yet tasty rasam to prepare if you are bored of the usual rasams..Tastes soo good with rice..Squeeze the lemon juice just before serving for best tasting rasam...Try it for a change and you will enjoy the result..

Oats, Little millet and Apple Waffles / Apple Millet Waffles

Millets have become one of the favorite items in our pantry now a days...I love to try recipes replacing it's ingredients with the millets...One among them is this waffle with oats, saamai and apple..Breakfast being the important meal of the day, all of us want us to be healthy now a days..It got everything healthy and those on diet can also eat these waffles without any guilt...I didn't expected this waffle to be this much tasty..To our surprise, it's more soft and delicious than the store bought mix of waffles...My kiddo too enjoyed it a lot..I'm preparing this for Blogging marathon #55 under "healthy breakfast" theme..I'm sending this to " Come join us for breakfast " event of cooking for all seasons and to the Srivalli's Kids delight event hosted by Lavina Agarwal...Do give a try and you and your kids will like it for sure..

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rava Paniyaram

Rava paniyaram with wheat flour and ripe bananas is a very easy dish to prepare with very less ingredients..No need to grind anything but still with healthy ingredients..We can even omit the sugar in the recipe if preparing for diabetics..I made it wheat flour, but you can use maida too..My boy started to go to play school recently and making him eat something in the morning is one of the hardest things for me..Sometimes I pour this same batter as waffles adding an egg, since he likes waffles a lot..will post that recipe soon...I'm preparing this for Blogging marathon #55 under "healthy breakfast" theme..I'm sending this to " Come join us for breakfast " event of cooking for all seasons and to the Srivalli's Kids delight event hosted by Lavina Agarwal...Do give a try and hope your kids too like it..

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blueberry Waffles

Blueberries are in season now and we are getting a lot in markets..Blueberries are rich in vitamin k, vitamin c, manganese etc..These help to increase brain health..also good source of iron for it's perfect to include in the breakfast of children..also my boy likes this a lot..So made as waffles and we all liked it a lot..We had it with homemade blueberry syrup,will post that soon...I'm preparing this for Blogging marathon #55 under "healthy breakfast" theme..I'm sending this to " Come join us for breakfast " event of cooking for all seasons and to the Srivalli's Kids delight event hosted by Lavina Agarwal...Do give a try and enjoy..

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Pachai Pattani Kuzhambu / Green Peas Gravy

Green Peas gravy/ Pachai Pattani Kuzhzmbu is one of the gravies I prepare on Thursdays like Sunadal Kuzhzmbu, Thattaipayaru Kuzhambu...The procedure is the somewhat similar to sundal gravy..This can be served as side  for rice, chapathi as well as dosas...tastes good with everything..If used for tiffin items, omit the tamarind in the recipe..Otherwise follow as such..Do try this yummy gravy and hope you like it..

Stuffed Ennai Kathirikaai / Stuffed Eggplant Fry

Ennai Kathirikaai is one of our family's favorite recipe..I wanted to post it for long time, but wasn't able to find good mini size eggplants...These mini brinjals are soo tasty by itself, that too in this ennai kathirikaai it's soo awesome..It's a very aromatic and tasty side dish for rice..Many don't add coconut in this recipe, but coconut make it's still more tasty..but don't add too much..Also shallots/ small onion will give more taste..but I used big onion, since I didn't had at hand...Do try this drool worthy recipe and you will like it for sure...

Friday, August 7, 2015

Carrot Halwa / Gajar Halwa ( without khoya) / Dairy free Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa is the first sweet I prepared on our first Diwali after marriage, since that was the only sweet I know other than gulab jamun, how to prepare..Some times I prepare them in microwave, but not much now a days, after reading the adverse effects of microwave...Preparing this in microwave is lot easier, but the method here is also easier, with just 4 ingredients..We don't add mawa in this..Some times we add milk, but as itself also this carrot halwa is tastier..Do try this simpler version of carrot halwa and enjoy..

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Orange Cheesecake Muffins

Cheesecakes are a weakness to anyone with sweet tooth...These mini orange cheesecake muffins are perfect for portion control at parties as well as in homes..These are soo easy to prepare and a perfectly delicious treat...I'm preparing this for " make in a muffin" theme of BM#55...Do give a try and enjoy...

Suraikaai Halwa / Dudhi Halwa / Bottle Gourd Halwa

Suraikaai halwa is  a easy to prepare delicacy..naturally beautifully colored and tasty sweet..It tastes very similar to the kasi halwa, made of white pumpkin...Do try for a change  and hope you like it..

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bombay Ice Halwa

Bombay Ice halwa is much similar to our keasri, but haven't expected that little changes in keasri will give out such amazing taste..Also we can store it and serve..easy to prepare but need little patience to wait till it dries out completely..but definitely worth the waiting time..tastes soo nice and awesome..You can also make it adding little yellow color..But I avoid these colors as much as I can.. Do give a try and you will definitely like it for it's simplicity and fine taste..

Veggie Pancake Muffins

Pancake is any kids favorite as mine..To make it little bit more healthy as a breakfast,I added little veggies and cheese in it..also it has egg in it..So even when the kids eat 2 of these little muffins, it will be filling and nutritious...also it's so colorful inside when we cut the muffins...My boy liked these muffins a lot...While making these muffins, he came to kitchen and wanted to help me..and we together made these yum muffins for the second day of "make in a muffin" theme of BM#55 ...Do give a try and kids will like it for sure...

Monday, August 3, 2015

Asoka Halwa / Moong Dal Halwa

Moong dal Halwa/ Asoka halwa is a simple yet very tasty sweet..It can be prepared in a jiffy with less ingredients...Some prepare it adding wheat flour/ maida  with the dal..But our family like this better..Also we leave little bit dal unmashed here and there to add interesting texture..You can mash it creamy as well..that way also it tastes good...This can also serve as a quick prasadam for deities...Do try this simple delicacy and enjoy...

Cracker Flower Cups

Crackers are in my to do list, but was not able to post for long time..Now for the theme of "Make in a muffin"of Blogging Marathon #55, I wanted to make that..To make it little bit more interesting, I made it in flower can enjoy these cups as such as crackers or can fill it up with any of your fav combo of fillings..I made them in mini muffin tins...It's both sweet and salty, so you can fill with both sweet and savory fillings, as per your needs..So can use it both as starters as well as for desserts...Can also use this for children's lunch box as snack..Give it a try and enjoy..