Saturday, October 24, 2015

Soan Papdi / Patisa

Soan papdi is a thing which I tried and failed so many times, but now this time I got it good..When I saw vahchef's video,right away I tried before 2 years I think..but ended up making something like a mysore pak( little harder to be honest)..The sugar syrup consistency is very important in this process and we should keep all the ingredients and greased pans ready since timing is everything here..But when we taste the soft  home made soan papdis they are worthwhile the effort..As diwali is nearing, started experimenting again..I'm preparing this for BM #57 under desserts..Do give a try and you will enjoy it for sure..


Gram flour/Kadalai maavu3/4 cup
All Purpose flour/Maida3/4 cup
Sugar1 1/2 cup
Melted Ghee+oil1/2  cup
Cardamom/ elaichifew
chopped nutsas needed
Honey2 tblsp
Vinegar1 tblsp

Chop the nuts and powder the cardamom and keep aside ready..

Measure equal amount of gram flour/ besan and maida ..Heat oil and ghee mixture in a wide tawa..

Cook it till it becomes fragrant and keep it in very low flame..It shouldn't change colour..Meanwile prepare the sugar syrup adding 1/4 cup water to the sugar..

Keep another greased pan ready...Add honey and vinegar and cook till it reaches hard ball consistency..If your pour some syrup in water, you should be able to make a ball, which shouldn't crack..After the consistency is reached, transfer it to another greased pan..Start pulling using a spoon from the sides to the center and strings will form..Do so till it becomes a single lump..

Add elaichi to cooked  warm besan mixture...Add the cooled syrup to it..

Begin to stretch and fold using 2 spoons..Do it slowly and take care there are no lumps left out in any place..

After all mixture and syrup are mixed well, roll out as a rectangle..Then sprinkle some nuts on it..Fold from one side to the center..

Similarly fold from other side and roll out...Repeat 2 or 3 times as you wish to get layers..Roll out and mark the pieces using a knife...At this moment it will look a little gooey, but when it hardens it will become normal..

Let it dry for 4 to 5 hours at least and then cut using the markings..Take care while cutting not to break the pieces..yummy and soft  soan papdi is ready to delish..


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  1. I have heard that the process of soan papdi making is quite a tricky one. Your soft version looks yummy.

  2. Wow, i dont have guts to try this sweet at home, well done Praba..

  3. Wow! That soan papdi looks awesome....I have wanted to try it but never mustered the courage. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. You homemade soft version looks perfect.

  5. Wow!! looks amazing!! Perfectly made!!

  6. Didn't know soan papdi is so easy to make at home. Yours looks sooooooooo yummy!!

  7. I love soan papdi but never tried once its soo tricky. I'm gonna try your recipe....

  8. You have made soan papdi at home! Hats off to your efforts! I love soan papdi and once I gather some confidence, will try it :)

  9. I used to wonder about how this is made but never ventured. This version sounds doable.

  10. looks soft and luscious - a delicious treat for sure

  11. I love soan papdi but wouldn't dare to make it at home.nice