Friday, July 31, 2015

Kollu Paruppu / Horse Gram Dhal / Side dish for rice

There's a saying in tamil "Elachavanukku Ellu, Koluthavanukku Kollu", which means those who want to become fat should eat Sesame seeds and those to want to become lean should eat kollu/horse gram..This is really a tasty dal, which also strengthen the bones of children..Whenever we make this dal, we make kollu rasam also..will post that recipe soon..Can't take this dal daily, since it produces heat in body..I prepare it once in two weeks atleast..mostly on saturdays( don't know why, but my mom make it on those days).. With sesame oil, it tastes so divine...Do try and stay healthy...

Suraikai Kadalai Paruppu Kootu / Bottle Gourd Channadal Kootu

Suraikai/ Bottle gourd is a  favorable veggie for the ones who are in diet..It helps to reduce the stomach fat..Adding this veggie regularly in diet will make one slim..Also it's very tasty in this kootu form..Simple to prepare too and it's a one pot dish...Try it and enjoy..

Annasi Paal Kari / Pineapple Coconut milk Kari

Annasi Paal Kari is a recent addition to our diet... we are getting lots of fruits in market now...,In order to use them up before it becomes overripe, I made this as side dish for rice...Those who like Raw Mango Pachadi, will definitely like this one too..This kari also has sweet, sour and hot taste..I have already posted a Pineapple Subji for chapathi...Do give a try if you are bored of the usual side dishes and  hope you like this..

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Channa Biryani / Black Sundal Biryani

Channa Biryani is one of the things I prepare, when there are guests both vegetarian and non veg..It's a yummy and filling dish..Also it's a very nice lunch box rice for kids as well as adults...healthy one pot less work for us too..You can do the same with white channa too..We prefer black channa ,since it's healthier than white one..My little one likes anything which is made as biryani style ( I think it's in his blood)...So trying different things like this..Do give a try and and impress your guests next time...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Guest Post: Baklava Rolls- A Turkish Delight


Hi all..

Baklava rolls..a very rich and  sweet pastry from middle eastern'm so glad that I tried it at home..Thank u suja..I'm preparing this for the guest post dear...Thanks for giving me the space to write up ..and as you asked here's a yum dessert..It's such a easy dessert, but one of the best tasting sweet I've tasted ever...Usually involves usage of lots of nuts, some versions have some milk based sweet filling or dry fruit paste as filling..I tried this simple version using just nuts and turned out awesome..Our family liked it a lot...Use good quality phyllo pastry sheets for the best results..Please do give it a try and you will all like it for sure..

Hasselback Mini Potato Appetizers

Potatoes are the most versatile veggie, which can be made as any course of meal..I bought these mini potatoes, with the idea of making potato biryani, but ended up making this appetizer...This is a simple yet tasty starter, with very few ingredients....I'm preparing this for the theme"One Bite Appetizers" for BM54 hosted by Srivalli...Try this starter at your next party and your guests will like it for sure..

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Veg Salna With Soy Chunks

Vegetarian Salna with mix veggies is a yummy treat to vegetarians and can be prepared with or without soya chunks..This goes well with parottas and chapathis..Can also be used to make veg Kothu Parota..will post the recipe soon..Usually it's a bit runny, but I made it slight thicker for chapathis..Do give  a try and enjoy..

Ambur Chicken Biryani

Ambur Chicken Biryani has become our family's favorite now a days..The procedure for this biryani is simpler and easy than the usual biryanis..and also with all ingredients at home..Tried this recipe from here and came out so well.. not so much masalas are involved in this..just whole garam masalas and red chillies..that's all..The below recipe will provide mild hotness...adjust according to your tastebuds..Do try and enjoy this delicious biryani..

Cheesy Phyllo Bites

Phyllo  cups are cute little cups  made of phyllo pastry sheets used to make baklavas...And these are very helpful to make quick appetizers for parties..These come prebaked so even we can make some sweet filling and serve them as such as a dessert too...I'm preparing this for the theme"One Bite Appetizers" for BM54 hosted by Srivalli...Give ti a try in your next party and you will like it for both it's taste and simplicity..

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ritz Cracker Bites

One of the simplest and quickest appetizer one can ever serve for the party is these cracker bites...It also tastes great as a evening snack...fresh salsa and the crunch of the slightly salty crackers tastes soo good..too good for it's simplicity...I'm preparing this for the theme"One Bite Appetizers" for BM54 hosted by Srivalli...Do give a try and enjoy..

Thursday, July 23, 2015


Aviyal is one of my favorite side dish for rice dishes..A simple to prepare and a tasty dish, perfect for the weather here...Also we can use up all the veggies at hand, before going to shopping..Needless to say, it's a very healthy and satisfying dish ...Goes well with adai too..Give it a try and enjoy..

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Orange Sesame Noodles

Orange Sesame of the things which I prepare if I have to cook just for me and my boy..We both like it a lot, because of it's simplicity and taste...slightly sweet with brown sugar and fresh and tangy with the orange flavor..with simple ingredients, it taste heavenly...The  sauce can be made ahead and used for noodles, pasta or making orange chicken...Do try and you too will like it for sure..

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fish Dum Biryani

Fish Biryani is in my to-do list for long time..But was resisting to try, since we shouldn't use yogurt/ cheese with seafood....So I made it with coconut milk here..It is the reverse type of layering the usual dum biryanis..Fish will be on the top and rice on bottom..Use widest pan available in home, as we will layer in the pan itself..It has a very nice fish flavor  in the rice too..Adjust spices according to your taste...The below recipe will provide a mild spicy biryani..Do try for a change and enjoy..

3 Ingredient Mutton Pepper Roast

Mutton Pepper Roast is a very simple dish which can be prepared with just 3 ingredients mutton,pepper and small onion....yet so flavorful and yum..can be made  real quick..Can be served as a side dish for biryanis or rice...Tastes so good with rasam sadham..Do give a try and you will like it for it's taste as well as simplicity...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Arisiparuppu sadam - Guest post from Suja Ramkumar

Hey...My blog's first guest post..that too from my dear friend Suja Ramkumar, author of Suja's Culinary Corner...I'm so happy and excited...she always surprises me with her innovative recipes..and  different combos...and her recipes generally have a healthy perspective too..also she's soo sweet and helpful..gave me lots of tips  about blogging too..Now, she has started working and yet wrote this guest post for me, in spite her busy schedule...Feeling so honoured dear..I feel blessed that I got  a good friend like you through blogging..and you inspire me as always with this recipe ...

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Apple Funnel Cake

Funnel cakes are the common snacks in U.S state fairs and carnivals..Whether it's balloon festival or Christmas lights, wherever we get a chance, we have these funnel cakes...For a change,I added apple and cinnamon flavor to this and it came out awesome..Tasty funnel cakes with the added flavors tastes so good and my kid liked it a lot..I'm preparing this for the third day of  ' 3 festivals across the globe ' of  blogging marathon #54...also sending this   to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...Do give a try and enjoy..

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Raw papaya salad(som Tam)

Thai new year (songkran festival) is almost the same as the tamil new year we celebrate in april..Similar to our custom of making Raw mango Pachadi, which includes all the 6 tastes, they prepare this Raw papaya salad, which also has all the 6 tastes, which means in the year ahead, we should face all situations with same mindset...During the songkran festival, they use to splash water upon each other.They also conduct water fights using containers of water and water guns...Some even hire elephants to splash water...It marks both spiritual and physical cleaning..and new beginnings..Do try and enjoy....I'm preparing this for the theme '3 festivals across globe' of BM#54 hosted by srivalli...also sending this  papaya salad to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mango flavored Bhappa Doi-Bengali sweet

Bhappa doi is a traditional bengali sweet, which is prepared during the famous durga puja/ durgotsava in bengal...The worship of godess Durga takes place in a grand scale in eastern part of India..This sweet is prepared traditionally by steaming..Here I have added mango flavor to it and referred the recipe of Tarla dalal here..This is very easy to prepare,just 1 minute in microwave...I'm preparing this for the theme '3 festivals across globe' of BM#54 hosted by srivalli...For the first day, I'm posting this bengali sweet,as we can post any state other than our own state in India..also sending this   to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...Do try and enjoy this yum and easy dessert..

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Watermelon Canapes

Looking for a fresh starter for the parties..Juicy Watermelon slices with black salt,cumin and pepper with the chillness of yogurt will kick start the party..This combo works so well, that everybody liked it a lot..Kids willl ike it for sure as well as adults..sending this  papaya canapes to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...Do give a try and enjoy summer...

Papaya Canapes

Throwing a summer party and confused about starters..Here's a fresh fruit starter with little crunch..Papaya with brown sugar and cinnamon flavor will steal your guests heart..also with less work to you..No need to have any guilt in indulging as everything is healthy here..Do try and rock your summer party..sending this  papaya canapes to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Bombay Karam Chutney / Toor dal Chutney /Thuvaramparuppu chutney

We call this chutney prepared using toor dal as bombay karam chutney...but there are many variations to this chutney..Mom prepares it using just toor dal and MIL prepare this using channa dal and toor dal, half and half...The method of preparation is the same..Both ways it tastes equally good..Just a little dal will provide a lot of chutney..ideal for big families..In this recipe I've used just a tblsp..Do try our family's delicacy and you would enjoy for sure..