Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hot hot jalebi's...this is the best sweet i have eaten until now..(honestly)...crispy outside...warm and juicy inside..this is the best thing..please do try once...(Yan petra inbam peruga iv vaiyagam..)...and you guys will fall in love love with it..(just like me)...I have made this for everyone who are very  dear to me..I just saw these ingredients from back of MTR jalebi mix and tried(guessed some)...Give your hand some exercise with these and it's worth the try...enjoy...


All purpose flour 1 cup
Rice flour2 tblsp
Corn flour(starch)2 tblsp
Yogurt1 1/2 tblsp
Salta pinch
Orange colour a pinch
Sugar 1/2 cup
Water(for syrup)1 cup


In a bowl, take all purpose flour,rice flour and corn starch...Add a pinch of salt and orange colour...Add water(approx. 1 cup,same as flour) and mix well without any lumps...Add yogurt and mix well, so that the consistency is like the vada batter..

Add yeast and mix...In a big and wide vessel, take warm water and place the mixture inside it and and close with a lid...This is for quicker raising of the flour...(If you have time, you can place it in a warm place and wait it to rise..)we have to keep it in the warm bath for 30 minutes...

After 15 minutes we can start making the sugar syrup...Take sugar:water=1/2 cup:1 cup and heat till the sugar dissolves well..Keep it in simmer for 2 minutes...Also start heating oil for frying ...Take  a frying pan which is wide and flat bottomed(don't use a round bottomed one)...After 1/2 hour, the dough has raised like this..

Fill the dough in a squeezer bottle...The oil should not be very hot(heat in between medium and simmer)...When bubbles start forming in the bottom,the oil is ready..Start drawing using the squeezer...

When we draw,we will be drawing in the bottom of the pan...Draw 3 concentric circles and secure the end of the last one by overlapping it..The circles will rise up from the bottom ...

Maintaining temperature of oil is the key point here..Always it should be in a medium level...If it's high, we will not be able to make shapes..If needed,go between simmer and medium flame to maintain the temperature...

After the jalebi's become crispier,take out and put directly in the sugar syrup...Just give a flip in the syrup...The jalebi's should not be in the sugar syrup for more than 30 seconds...Take out and set aside..

After taking out from syrup,don't stack the batches up and up..The bottom ones may become soggy because of the weight..Take a wide enough vessel..After letting it little dry ,you can save them as you wish...

Enjoy hot hot jalebis..They taste best that way..You can store outside fridge for 2 to 3 days...In fridge, upto a week( actually i have no experience in this..)..This recipe yields upto 35 to 40 jalebis...Try and enjoy...

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