Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bombay Ice Halwa

Bombay Ice halwa is much similar to our keasri, but haven't expected that little changes in keasri will give out such amazing taste..Also we can store it and serve..easy to prepare but need little patience to wait till it dries out completely..but definitely worth the waiting time..tastes soo nice and awesome..You can also make it adding little yellow color..But I avoid these colors as much as I can.. Do give a try and you will definitely like it for it's simplicity and fine taste..


  Fine rava/ Fine Sooji
1/4 cup
Ghee1/4 cup
Sugar1 cup
Milk2 cup
Cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
Chopped almonds and
as desired
Parchment paper as needed


Take fine rava / sooji,sugar and ghee in a nonstick pan / heavy bottom pan...Add milk and mix so that there are no lumps...

Cook in high heat till it bubbles...Lower the heat to medium and continue stirring till it forms a single mass lump...Add 1/2 tsp ghee at last and mix..Remove from heat..

Keep a parchment paper readily spread..Pour the mixture on that and palce another parchment paper on top and roll...

Roll out as thin as you can...If you can't handle roll out as two separate batches..Sprinkle elaichi/ cardamom powder on top..shape as rectangle using knife and roll out removed mixture as separate sheets..

Sprinkle chopped or slightly powdered pistachios and almonds on top..Press slightly using parchment paper and rolling pin again slightly to make the nuts stick...

Let it dry for 2 days( or at least one day)..cut out as squares or rectangles and store lining parchment paper in between..


  1. Such a new thing for me ...mouthwatering and looks so good

  2. This is something new but looks so delicious and nice dear. Loved it