Friday, August 7, 2015

Carrot Halwa / Gajar Halwa ( without khoya) / Dairy free Carrot Halwa

Carrot Halwa is the first sweet I prepared on our first Diwali after marriage, since that was the only sweet I know other than gulab jamun, how to prepare..Some times I prepare them in microwave, but not much now a days, after reading the adverse effects of microwave...Preparing this in microwave is lot easier, but the method here is also easier, with just 4 ingredients..We don't add mawa in this..Some times we add milk, but as itself also this carrot halwa is tastier..Do try this simpler version of carrot halwa and enjoy..


4 big
Ghee3 tblsp
Sugar3/4 cup
Almondsfor garnish


Peel skin of carrot and shred them finely in shredder( or use  food processor to shred)..or cut as thin circles and run in mixer...Heat ghee in a heavy bottom kadai and saute the shredded carrot in it till the carot becomes pale in color and get cooked..The finer you shred the carrot, it will cook faster...

After the carrot gets cooked, add sugar and pinch salt..Mix well and melt the sugar..

Cook till the mixture thickens and ghee stars oozing out in the sides...Garnish with nuts of  your choice..We prefer almonds than cashews in this halwa..

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