Monday, June 1, 2015

Boondi Ladoo

Boondi Ladoo...I didn't know even we can make laddu at home before I met my neighbour Annapoorani ma... we tasted it in their home and it was sooo good....Never tasted home made ladoos before...So I asked her for the recipe and I have seen her making these too...Last Diwali, when she prepared, she called me to see...After that I too prepared it for diwali potluck...She makes it with so much ease...We have to keep everything ready before staring...First prepare the syrup and keep  aside....while preparing syrup we can heat oil also side by side...Prepare the batter and start when oil is hot...Try it and you will definitely like taste of home made ladoos...


Besan/Kadali Maavu3/4  cup
Water as needed
Sugar3/4 cup
Baking sodaa pinch
Cashews2 tsp
raisins1 tsp
Edible campor1 pinch
Cardamom powder1/2 tsp
Oilas needed
Kalkandu(optional)1 tsp
Gheefor brushing


Take sugar in a heavy bottom vessel and add little water just to immerse it...Heat it till one string consistency is reached...When you touch it and separate the fingers one thread should form...Keep it in lowest flame possible....The syrup should be warm always...Switch on and off the flame if required...

Take besan flour in a bowl and sieve it...Add a pinch of baking soda and water...Mix it without any lumps into bajji batter consistency...Don't make it watery..if so tails will form in boondi...

Take a wide bottom pan and heat oil in it...Pour the batter on the boondi ladle using a spoon and spread it with the spoon....Fry till boondis become slightly crisp...If we move the boondis using a ladle, neru neru sound will come...

Take out the boondis and sit it a minute in sieve to remove excess oil...Add it to the warm syrup and mix....Similarly make batches of boondi and add to the syrup...

After finishing the boondis, add edible campor, fried cashews,raisins and cardamom powder....Shape as balls when it's warm enough to handle...

Use ghee while making balls...or use a kuzhi karandi (round bottom spoon) to scoop out...It will help to make balls easier and faster while making a lot...


  1. Ladoos look awesome! Nothing can beat the taste of a homemade ladoo

    1. home made is always the best...thanks suja...