Thursday, June 4, 2015

Motichoor Ladoo ( using coffee filter)

Motichoor Ladoos...These fascinate me at all times....I wasn't able to find the ladle for making these small while trying with different things, the coffee filter worked...
I was able to get the small size close the lid of filter and be careful while shaking it...Use laddu besan flour available in market for best results...or else you can mix little sooji/ rava with the regular besan flour too...Frying in ghee will give better results...(but most of us will not opt i think)...Try this divine tasting ladoos and enjoy...


Laddu besan1  cup
Water as needed
Sugar1 cup
Baking sodaa pinch
Sabja seeds1 tsp
Cardamom powder/
Rose water
1/2 tsp
Oil/ gheefor frying
Gheefor greasing


Take sugar in a thick bottom vessel and heat with little water to immerse...Make sugar syrup of single thread consistency and switch off the flame...

Take laddu besan in a bowl and add a pinch of baking soda,orange food colour and mix as a thin batter...(thinner than the bajji batter)...I used my coffee filter , which has small pores...

Take the batter in the upper part of coffee filter and close the lid...Heat oil in  a wide pan...When oil is hot enough, shake the coffee filter upon the oil pan, so that we get round boondis...Try adding little more water if boondi is not coming....

Fry boondis for just 2 or 3 seconds and remove from oil...Drain in paper towel...

Add the  batches of fried boondis to the warm sugar syrup...When you have finished boondi making, turn on the heat for sugar syrup...Cook the boondis in sugar syrup for 3 or 4 minutes...Add little rose water or cardamom powder...

After all the sugar syrup is absorbed and boondis are soft, turn off heat and let it cool...Whenit's warm enough to handle add the sabja seeds and make as small balls...

Don't consume immediately...It should stand at least for 2 to 3 hours....

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  1. Brilliant idea to use cofee filter to make these boondis !! One of my favourite dessert!

    1. thanks favourite type of ladoo too...

  2. My all time favourite to have it any time.pass me one.

    1. thanks shoba...sure..with pleasure...

  3. ladoo using coffee filter is something new and interesting and It looks yummy too!