Friday, March 20, 2015

Tindora Fry/Kovakkai Poriyal/Side dish recipes

Tindora/Kovakkai...This veggie i have eaten only once before marriage...A friend brought this for lunch...After i started cooking, i'm preparing this often here...It's easy and simple to prepare with less ingredients...I don't add onion in this recipe..If u want u can add after tempering...Without onion, itself it tastes good...Try and enjoy this healthy veggie...


Tindora1/2 lb
Mustard1 tsp
Urad dal1 tsp
Curry leaves1 sprig
Saltto taste
Oil2 tsp


Wash tindora and pat it dry before cutting...Cut as thin circles as possible.....

Heat a pan with oil and temper with mustard, urad dal and curry leaves...Add the sliced kovakkai, salt and chilli powder(can omit if u want)...Mix well ...

Saute by keeping the flame in between medium and high for 5 minutes...Then simmer and let it fry stirring in between..The colour will become pale when done and veggie will become soft...

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