Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vazhai Thandu Poriyal(Banana Stem Poriyal)/Side dish recipes

Vazhai Thandu(Banana Stem)..This thing i haven't eaten before marriage...I thought it's a medicine like thing and it's for patients with kidney problems...So, obiviously i thought it will not taste good...But when i my MIL made this, when i was in india, it was sooo  tasty to my surprise...
It has a slight nutty and starchy taste mixed together...Also no seperate boiling or anything..,she made it in the kadai itself...It's also a simple and easy recipe...Cutting part only takes time...But healthwise it's very good for us..Give  a try for this healthy recipe...


Vazhai Thandu1 small
Mustard1 tsp
Urad dal1 tsp
Dry red chilli1
Curry leaves1 sprig
Saltto taste

Remove outer rings of the banana stem...A small piece will yield more..While cutting remove the strings as much as possible...Cut as rings and cut as very small pieces...(finer the pieces, finer the results)...

Heat oil in a pan, splutter mustard,urad dal curry leaves and red chillies...Add the chopped veggie to it...Mix well and spread evenly...

Cover and cook for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring in between...If you want, you can sprinkle little water...

After the vazhai thandu gets cooked, add the coconut scrapings and give it a stir...Remove from heat and serve...

I'm sending this recipe to the spice trail challenge:temple food

                                                 The spice trail challenge:Temple food

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  1. This dish sounds intriguing. I've never tried banana stem, I wonder whether I can get hold of it locally? Thanks so much for sharing with #TheSpiceTrail's temple food challenge.

    1. Thank u...It's a common dish in south india...We live in US, but are lucky enough to get all the indian veggies here in texas...