Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Arbi Roast/Cheppankilangu Roast/Side dish recipes

Cheppankilangu roast is our family's favourite dish...It's a simple dish which can be done in a jiffy....I usually shallow fry it, but deep frying gives still more good results in taste...but this way also it tastes crispy enough...goes well with any mild kuzhambu or paruppu....


Arbi/Cheppankilangu6 or 7
Rice flour2 tblsp
Besan flour/kadalai maavu1 tblsp
Corn flour1 tsp
Sambar powder2 tsp
saltas needed
Take rice flour, besan flour, corn flour sambar powder,salt in a vessel  and mix with little water into a thick paste...check salt at this stage...

Cut the boiled arbi into wedges...Take care while boiling arbi,it shouldn't become mushy(i kept it in cooker along with rice)...Coat the arbi pieces with the paste...

Heat oil in a pan and shallow fry the arbi pieces...You can deep fry if you want...

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