Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Watermelon Canapes

Looking for a fresh starter for the parties..Juicy Watermelon slices with black salt,cumin and pepper with the chillness of yogurt will kick start the party..This combo works so well, that everybody liked it a lot..Kids willl ike it for sure as well as adults..sending this  papaya canapes to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...Do give a try and enjoy summer...


Watermelon slices10
Black salt2 pinch
Thick Curd/yogurt1/8 cup
Pepper ground1 pinch
Cumin ground1 pinch
Cilantro/mintfor garnish

Take yogurt/curd in a bowl and add freshly ground pepper and cumin...Take little black salt in small bowl..

Sprinkle/rub little black salt on watermelon slices(cut in your desired shapes,I cut it as flowers using cookie cutter)...Place a spoon of yogurt in top carefully in centre..Garnish with little cilantro or mint to add to the freshness...

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  1. super yummy and tempting.. my kind of food !! very nice...

  2. Thank u kalyani...really super healthy starters..