Saturday, July 11, 2015

Raw papaya salad(som Tam)

Thai new year (songkran festival) is almost the same as the tamil new year we celebrate in april..Similar to our custom of making Raw mango Pachadi, which includes all the 6 tastes, they prepare this Raw papaya salad, which also has all the 6 tastes, which means in the year ahead, we should face all situations with same mindset...During the songkran festival, they use to splash water upon each other.They also conduct water fights using containers of water and water guns...Some even hire elephants to splash water...It marks both spiritual and physical cleaning..and new beginnings..Do try and enjoy....I'm preparing this for the theme '3 festivals across globe' of BM#54 hosted by srivalli...also sending this  papaya salad to Srivalli's Kids delight event-fruits in any form hosted by Harini...


Raw Papaya1/4
Garlic1 pod
Green chilli1
Lemon juice3/4 tsp
Soy sauce1/2 tsp
Jaggery1 tblsp
Roasted peanut1 tblsp
Long beans1/2 


Shred raw papaya using a shredder..Immerse it in ice cold water till use...In a mortar, take garlic and green chilli and pound it...

Add lemon juice, soy sauce and jaggery and pound to mix..Add roasted peanuts and pound them too..

Add tomato and long beans and pound slightly...Mix this with the shredded papaya and serve chilled...


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  1. Wow ! Love the flavors in this salad! Simply amazing.

  2. Nice flavours in this salad.. Must have tasted yummy.

  3. wow ! great salad.... perfect for summers epsecially

  4. I love Thai papaya salad, but didn't know that they make it for their new year. Thanks for sharing that info. Salad looks very refreshing.

  5. Nice to know about the tradition. Salad looks really good!

  6. one of my fave Thai dishes - nice to learn about their new year celebrations

  7. Very interesting combination..never cooked with raw papaya