Thursday, June 18, 2015

Canteloupe Carrot Juice

Canteloupe has become my favorite next to mangoes now a days...It combines so well with carrot, both in color as well as in taste..Both has a subtle sweetness innate in themselves...No need to add much honey/sugar...They taste great as such..Try this healthy, yummy and cool looking juice..You will like it for sure..I'm sending this to Kids delight event hosted by Harini...Try out and enjoy..


Canteloupe 1/4 melon
Carrot1 small
honey/sugaras needed
Wateras needed


Cut canteloupe and remove seeds...Cut the fruit as small slices...Similarly, cut the carrot as thin slices...Add sugar/ honey as needed...Blend together...Add water as needed..

Mix everything well and serve chilled...