Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Deviled Eggs / Egg Mimosa

Deviled eggs or egg mimosa are a perfect appetizer for the parties...It's very easy to prepare and a very tasty first course....There are many variations available and our family likes this style...mustard, siracha sauce,cayenne pepper,olives to name a few but the options are endless to prepare htis egg mimosa...Do try and enjoy...


Sour cream/Mayonnaise1/8 cup
Paprika/chilli powder1 or 2 pinch
Pepper ground1/2 tsp
Saltas needed
Cumin ground1/2 tsp
Green onionfor garnish


Boil eggs and cut them in halves....Remove the yolks an dset aside the whites...

To the yolks, add sour cream/ mayonnaise, pepper, cumin,pinch of paprika and salt...I used sour cream here...

Mix well so that everything is creamy....Fill this mixture in egg whites and garnish with chopped green onion..

Wanna try these:

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