Sunday, May 24, 2015

Butter Naan

Naan or Kamiri is a oven baked / tandoori flatbread brushed on top with ghee or butter...It's puffy and smoky taste goes well with all our traditional kurmas...When we got bored with chapathis, I make naans...We had it with paneer butter masala and loved it...Try and enjoy hot from the oven...Can be made stove top too...Place in tawa till little bubbles start to form...Then pop it directly in gas fire...It will puff up nicely...and you will get nice brown spots too...Try it and enjoy...


All purpose flour/Maida1 1/2 cup
Water3/4 cup
Sugar3/4 tblsp
Salta pinch
Active dry Yeast2 tsp
Ghee/ butterfor brushing

Take flour,yeast, salt, sugar in a wide bowl....Add yogurt and luke warm water and form a dough...

Close it and let it raise to double the size(mine took just 15 mins)....Punch down the dough and form equal sized balls...Use flour liberally while seperating and rolling the dough...

Roll it in the shape of tear drop...Place on foiled tray and broil for 2 minutes,..While broiling place in the top most rack of oven...Take out tray and change sides and again broil for 1 minute...

Brush with butter on top...

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