Saturday, May 2, 2015

Egg Sandwich

This egg sandwich is a quick and easy to do dish for our morning breakfast...This combination is our family's favourite...I used multigrain bread with 12 grains...Works well with any bread...honey wheat bread or normal white bread...Do try this simple and yummy recipe...


Bread slices2 large
Mayonnaise/Mayo1 tblsp
Shredded Lettuce1/4 cup
Cheese1 tblsp
Olive oil / butter1 tsp
Saltas needed
Pepperas needed


Take a slice of bread (I used multigrain bread) and apply mayonnaise/ mayo on it evenly...Then add the chopped lettuce on it...

Finally add a fried egg (add required salt and pepper to egg while frying) and some cheese(optional) and cover it with another bread...Preheat the panini maker/sandwich maker...Drizzle some oil/butter on that...

Place the bread and drizzle some oil on top too...Cover and cook till bread gets toasted and get good grill marks.....Cut as triangles and serve...

I'm sending this to "Come, join us for Breakfast" event by cooking for all seasons....

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