Monday, June 1, 2015

June month recipes- Color code

Hi all...

           From this week onwards, I'm gonna follow a color code for the recipes I post...This week I'm gonna post 5 color ladoos...Similarly in the upcoming weeks of this month I'm gonna follow this color theme...I will update this page too as I post...So for this week...

Monday           -yellow   -Boondi Ladoo
Tuesday          -White     -Rava Ladoo
Wednesday     -Green     -Pista Coconut Ladoo
Thursday        -Orange   -Motichoor Ladoos
Friday             -Brown    -Sesame Laddo/ Ellu Urundai

For week 2 , I will be posting sorbet recipes...Fresh fruit sorbets are healthy alternatives to icecreams...Also they have no dairy...enjoy summer with these sorbets...

Monday           -yellow   -Mango Pineapple Sorbet
Tuesday          -White     -Triple Coconut Sorbet
Wednesday     -Green     -Honeydew melon Sorbet
Thursday        -Orange   -Canteloupe Sorbet
Friday             -Brown    -Banana Brownsugar Sorbet

For week 3 . I'm gonna post summer drinks...Beat the heat with these yum drinks...Stay hydrated..

Monday           -yellow   -Pineapple Juice
Tuesday          -White     -Masala Mor
Wednesday     -Green     -Honeydew Basil Lime Juice
Thursday        -Orange   -Canteloupe Carrot Juice
Friday             -Brown    -Panakam / Panak

For week 4, I will be posting chicken gravy recipes in different colors also from different cuisines...Do try and have a feast...

Monday           -yellow   -Thai Yellow Chicken Curry
Tuesday          -White     -Bengali Chicken Rezala
Wednesday     -Green     -Green Chicken Gravy
Thursday        -Orange   -Butter Chicken
Friday             -Brown    -Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu

Stay tuned for more recipes...

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