Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rava Ladoo / sooji Ladoo

Rava ladoo is my favourite during my school days...It we need to prepare anything for prasadam/ neivediyam quickly, we usually prepare this rava ladoo...This recipe has also very less ingredients, but no need to compromise in taste...Do try this yummy little snack and enjoy...


Rava/Sooji1  cup
Powdered sugar1/2 cup
Cardamom powder1/4 tsp
Edible campor1 pinch
Cashew2 tsp
Raisin1 tsp
Gheeas needed


Heat a pan and dry roast the rava till nice aroma arise....Take care while frying,don't roast too much, it should be still white...

Add powdered sugar and mix evenly...Add a pinch of edible campor, cardamom powder and ghee fried cashews and raisins...Mix everything evenly and shape as ladoos when it's still bit warm...

Add little warm ghee  if needed while shaping ladoos...

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