Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Masala Mor / Spicy Yogurt drink

Mor is very common drink in south indian household...In olden days, even if strangers ask for water,they will give this mor only(in summer time only)...This is our home style of preparing mor...You can either blend the ingredients with yogurt or cut the ingredients into very small pieces and add to yogurt...Both ways it tastes great...Enjoy summer with this yummy masala mor..


Yogurt/curd1/2 cup
Ginger1 small piece
Green chilli1/2 or 1 small
Curry leaves2 or 3
Mint leaves2 or 3
shallot1 small
sea saltfew pinches
Wateras needed


Take curry leaves, mint leaves,ginger piece, green chilli,shallot in a mixer jar..Add the yogurt/curd and salt...

Blend well till everything becomes smooth..Add required salt and water and again give a spin...Serve chilled..