Friday, June 19, 2015

Panakam / Panak

Panakam/Panak  is a traditional indian drink which is very aromatic and refreshing...In our hometown, people give this drink for free during aani ther thiruvizha(car festival) and on chitra pournami day during the chitra gupta kadha festival...On chitra pournami night,chitragupta's story will be read night long by elders in the street and according to the events in the story, so many snacks, drinks and sundals will be distributed to all..(starting with jaggery when he's born for example) and towards end panakam and mor will be given...It tastes soo delicious and fresh...Give it a  try and enjoy..


Tmarind2 inch
Water2 cups
Dry ginger powder
(sukku powder)
1/2 tsp
Jaggery1/4 cup
Edible camporvery small pinch
Basil(tulasi) leavesfew


Take water in a wide and deep bowl and add the tamarind extract...Add dry ginger powder(sukku powder)..Add jaggery and mix well...

Add powdered cardamom,edible campor and clove...Add torn basil(tulasi) leaves...Let everything soak for at least half an hour before serving...Filter and serve with basil leaves...


  1. Thats a very refreshing drink!! perfect for the summer!!

  2. I love panakam...sometimes I just make it even without any occasion..Love it:)

  3. thanks padma..I too make it often..