Monday, May 12, 2014

Peanut Chutney/Verkadalai Chutney/ Side dish for Idly Dosa

I saw this peanut chutney in a cookbook which my mom gave me...Bored of usual chutneys,tried it and we all like it...This chutney goes very nice with paniyarams...I usually  prepare this with dosa...We add just hing(asafoetida) and mustard while tempering this that it balances the peanut cholesterol...


Peanut1/4 cup
coconut slices1/4 cup
Sesame seeds1/8 cup
Green chillies2
tamarind paste1 tsp
saltas needed

To Temper

Mustard1 tsp
Hing/asfoetida1/2 tsp
oil1 tsp

Heat a pan and dry roast peanuts,coconut slices and sesame seeds one by one...

While roastind sesame seeds, they should crackle like mustard...Keep it all aside and let them cool down a bit before grinding...

In the mixer take the green chillies,tamarind paste and salt...Add the cooled down ingredients to it and grind it into a smooth paste...check salt and temper with mustard and hing...

It has different taste from usual chutneys...Enjoy with your favourite tiffin items...

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